How To Ask Perky Questions On A Date? – Dating Conversations

You’ve asked a girl for a date and looking forward to having a good time with her. Based on the circumstances, all your preparations for a good conversation may work out fine or may turn a disaster. Sometimes asking about jobs, college and books or personal questions may turn out to set a serious note to your dating atmosphere. Having a forced weak conversation will make your date bored. So, here’s our list of some cute questions, that may catch her attention and get her to respond well to you.

Cute questions to ask girls will be interesting only if they are timed well and do not appear out-of-context. Use your sense of humor to give your cute questions a happy, funny touch. Girls appreciate a man with a good sense of humor.

  • You could ask her some interesting anecdote about her childhood. For example, any embarrassing incident that has happened to her or a funny childhood habit. You could tell her about your funny habit or a funny embarrassing story related to your life to make her feel comfortable and gently prod her to speak. Appearing genuinely interested in knowing about her, will make your date feel more comfortable with you.
  • You could ask a girl about her favorite holiday or her dream destination. You could mention yours and also ask her the wildest thing she’s ever done on a holiday. Taking cues from the current circumstances and your date’s comfort level is a must. It’s not like reading something from a textbook and setting up a questionnaire for your date.
  • You could ask her about her worst job, whether she’s been stuck in an elevator, or whether she has met any movie star, done any crazy thing with her friends or siblings, about her views on social media etc.,

Remember humor is the key, genuine eye-contact and comfortable, confident and a natural body-language go a long way in making the conversation lively and funny.